Thank you!

I still receive a lot of traffic from Pinterest coming to this site so I've left up all of the articles about denim.

My current site is: 

My patterns can be found at my Inventive Denim site: Inventive Denim
at my Etsy store: Etsy-Inventive Denim
at my Craftsy store:  Craftsy- Inventive Denim

Thank you SO much for visiting this site!!! I appreciate your support!



  1. Heather - when I click on the link to the first one - your current site, I get an error message - but the other three seem to work OK. Just thought you should know - ;))

  2. I'm sorry to see this blog come to a close. For some reason, your new blog won't load for me.

  3. Thanks for letting me know the site was down! :)

  4. Hi Marti,
    Just tried and the site seems to be working except for the slideshow on the home page- working on that! :) Thank you so much for your support!!! Heather

  5. Hello,
    I discovered your site via facebook.
    Your career is your copy immeasurable courage.
    You touched me , and I am appreciative ,
    I commend you for all your work and I wish you a bright future full of colors
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  6. Hi there - I saw your patterns on Keepsake Quilting and just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! - You done good, girl!! And ACCUQUILT?!?!? - Way to GO!! - haha - ;))l


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